from Change EP by Aviar



I am naive,
I am who you deceive.
I am for you
I thought you were for me.
I am betrayed
I am who couldn’t see
The arm that’s holding me.


I am the slave,
I am the misery
Caught in the game
I could never win.
I am the price
You took and stepped upon.
All I need is something to hold on.

I wanna believe in something beautiful,
I’m not sure I can.
I am prepared for something horrible,
As change has taught me how.
All of my life I’ve been the only one
Who could understand.
And after all I shouldn’t be what you see but
I am fine.

I am ok,
Ready, set and on my way
No chance to see a thing that could be blocking me.
You came and placed bombs all over the scene,
Triggered them secretly.


Now you are gone
Screwed and left alone.
Still I don’t see how the hell I’m holding on.
Remove my sleep, take away my sanity
I only need just one dream to achieve.

If I could do everything I have in mind,
If I could be everyone I told myself I would become.
I’d live forever and I would keep together as a whole
I’ll live forever just know that I’ll be clever enough to break the barrier that’s keeping me inside of this hole.


from Change EP, released December 25, 2014
Written and Recorded by Aviar
Mixing by Aviar
Mastered by Gonzalo Gonzalez E. at Triana Studios


all rights reserved



Aviar Región Metropolitana, Chile

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